Design Inspiration

Guide To Your Scandinavian Interior

What comes to your mind when you think of an Scandinavian Interior? Most of us will picture cleverly arranged show rooms of IKEA. Simple functional furniture, lots of soft furnishing, all in subdued palettes of grey, beige and the Big White of course!

Let's break it down for you!!!


1. The Mighty White 

Make your Interior a blank canvas and start with White or Cream shade. Scandinavian Interiors are simple. It is all about accessories which have a strong visual impact against the white background. 

Take it easy. Plain backdrop is essential at this stage... including flooring! It is all to do with long and dark winters of Scandinavia and longing for those bright interiors. 


2. The Minimalism

Scandinavian furniture is all about functionality and simplicity. Clean lines, simple patterns, just CLEAN AND MINIMAL!  Add nature inspired coffee tables and shelves to bring the outdoors inside. Sofa? It has to be grey!  And DON'T forget to add lots of  lighting -  good floor lamp is adored by Scandinavian Interiors



3.Throw in Quirky Element

Don't hesitate and add a little colour! Throw in some dramatic cushions, frames or furniture. Spread them wisely through out your space to draw eye across the room. Don't overdo it on the size. Keep them small and use a strong shade too!




Don't miss on number 4! Nature makes up for an important element of your Scandinavian Interior. Add interesting plants scattered across the room or place them in sets of 3 (3 is the Magic Number- wait till you try !). Even better if you find a textured pot, concrete or woven will make an impact...




5. Wall Art 

Scandinavian designs is all about expressing our personalities, memories and likes. It is not just about 'hanging pictures'. So take your time and choose images which tell a story....your story

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 6. Light & Texture

Finally, for true 'Hygge' equip your sofa with soft furnishings. Mix and match different textures, geometric patterns and sizes. Add rich and cozy blankets and make it 'ahhh' moment everyday. 

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